The Top 11 Raft Tours in Whitefish

Rafting in Whitefish, Montana, offers a serene and enjoyable experience, perfect for those looking to float leisurely rather than tackle white-water rapids. While Whitefish doesn’t feature white-water rafting, it provides an array of water activities on its beautiful river and lake, with the thrilling rapids of Glacier National Park nearby for those seeking more adventure.

One of the best things about Whitefish is the accessibility of its water activities. The Whitefish River, for instance, is ideal for a relaxed float. Visitors can easily put in at City Beach or at various public access points along the river, like River Trail Park. Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) and kayaking are popular options on the Whitefish River, offering a peaceful way to explore the area and see birds, deer, and fish. 

Whitefish Lake is another fantastic spot for water activities. The crystal-clear waters and picturesque backdrop make it a favorite destination for locals and tourists. You can rent SUPs and kayaks for a tranquil paddling experience or for more adventurous activities like wake surfing and water skiing. The lake’s calm surface is ideal for these sports, providing a perfect balance of excitement and relaxation.

Glacier National Park is just a short drive away for those craving white-water action. The Flathead River system, particularly the Middle Fork, offers thrilling rapids that satisfy any adventure seeker.

Whitefish is a destination that caters to all water enthusiasts. Whether you prefer tranquil floats or exciting lake activities, you'll find it all right in town. And if you're craving for some white-water action, Glacier National Park is just a short drive away. This variety of water activities makes Whitefish a versatile and appealing destination for all kinds of water enthusiasts.


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