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Classic 1/2 Day Snowmobile Whitefish

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Ready to snowmobile in Whitefish, Montana? Looking for speed and adventure, but don't have the entire day to spend out on an excursion? This is THE TOUR for you. With the Classic 1/2 Day Whitefish Snowmobile you will get high-quality Polaris 850 mountain sled to rip through the mountains of Montana.

This is NOT a typical groomer sled, but better for those seeking more power and the ability to ride powder too.

In this snowmobile tour, you'll leave from the shop and can climb the trails to catch fantastic views of the Swan Range, the Whitefish Range and maybe even see the towering peaks of Glacier National Park on a clear day. Spark your adrenaline as you fly over the snow going fast as your heart desires. Don't forget to slowdown once in a while to enjoy the serenity of the snow-covered trees that surround you.

If you are an experienced snowmobiler, there is plenty of great terrain for you to devour as you float through the powder. If you have never ridden a snowmobile then these groomed trails of Northwestern Montana provide a perfect training ground for you to build your skills and comfort.

The Sleds

This tour includes Polaris RMK Pro or Khaos mountain sled. This is a more powerful and longer track sled than you'll get at most rental companies around. It is designed for those that want to be able to ride off-groomed as well as groomed trails.

Why Book With Us?

  • Highest standards for equipment maintenance and safety
  • Fantastic trails that are great for beginners and experienced riders
  • No-hassle cancellations up to 72 hours in advance
  • Book Now & Pay Later!

Meeting Point

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Important Info

Guide - You can add a guide in checkout to reserve one of our limited (and wonderful) guides. Gear - You can rent Snowmobile Jackets, Bibs, and Gloves Onsite ($45/set). YOU MUST bring your own winter boots that cover the ankle. We do not rent boots and your trip will not be able to go out if you arrive without boots, due to safety. They can be rented at Sportsman's Ski Haus if neeeded. Thanks! Cancellation Policy - This tour offers free cancellation up until 72-hours prior to the tour. Any cancellations made within 72-hours will be charged in full. Fuel Fuel is charged after your ride, based on how much you use.

What's Included

Polaris 650 Snowmobile
Helmet & Goggles
Snowpants/Jacket/Gloves (available to rent $25)
Optional Gratuities
Transportation to Meeting Point

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to stay on groomed tracks or can we go off trail?
There is tons of great groomed trails, but for those that are adventurous there are fun powder fields you can explore as well. For those that want to spend most of the day off-groom you should check out the Polaris Switchback or RMK sleds available.
What should I wear for snowmobiling
You need a warm, waterproof jacket, warm waterproof pants (snowpants) and warm waterproof gloves. Not mittens, and no cotton exterior. You’ll want to wear a Balaclava or neck gator/buff but scarves are not allowed, close-ended neck warmers only.Most importantly - wear warm, thickly insulated and waterproof – boots that go well over the ankle. Not ‘duckboots’ not shoes, not hiking boots. Failure to wear the right footwear actually will result in same day cancellation and billed in full. We cannot stress enough the safety factor of wearing the right boots. We do not carry boots, there is no way to rent them to you. Please contact Glacier Tourbase directly for locations to secure boot rentals. Lastly, wear layers. We encourage three. Thermal underlayer, then sweater and pants, then jacket and snowpants make up the final layer.
How long is a half day vs. full day snowmobile rental?
Half day snowmobile rentals are 3 hours in duration and depart at 9AM or 1PM while full-day rentals are 6 hours and depart at 10AM.
How much does fuel cost?
Final charge will be determined at the end of your rental. Faster and more aggressive riding will result in more fuel consumption and a higher final cost. Average use for half-day snowmoible rentals is typically between 2-3 gallons while full day rentals are between 3-4 gallons. Fuel rates are subject to change with current gas prices and credit card fees.
Is there a minimum age to ride a snowmobile?
Renter must be 25+ and drivers must be 18+ and provide valid ID. Passengers must be a minimum of 55" tall and able to reach the side rails.
How do we ensure we don't get lost?
You will be provided with a map and thorough overview of accessible terrain. Additionally, vehicles are outfitted with an emergency GPS tracking device to be able to identify location if needed. Don't worry, we've got you covered!

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3h 00min

There is no minimum age to participate in this tour.


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